Texas Real Estate Purchase Contract

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The law of any state requires you to prepare a purchase contract for buying and selling a home building. The same is the case with Texas. The real estate purchase agreement in Texas is incomplete without the filling and signing of purchase contracts.

It is always advisable to enter upon an agreement in written form to ensure its legality. A deal that is not written and agreed by both parties fails to constitute a contract and is held void. To establish strict terms and conditions of a sale and purchase, the Texas real estate sale contract plays a vital role.

What's a Texas Real Estate Purchase Contract?

Real estate purchase contract texas is a legally binding document on the parties concerned and states the terms and conditions of the transaction to be made.

Through this law, any aggrieved person can bring the matter to a court of law and seek the judiciary's instruments to obtain redress or compensation in case of breach by either party.

The owner of a house prepares a Texas Real estate purchase contract. It is also necessary for any property he wishes to sell, with the help of his agent. Outlining the rights and obligations of all the parties involved, the contract is a mandatory step in the sale of real estate property.

What Is Included in a Texas Real Estate Contract?

A Texas real estate contract for purchase includes several things. Among all such agreements, the one-to-four family residential contracts are the most popular and are used for the resale of a residential property. Below are some of the main types of purchase contracts in Texas:

  • One to the four-family residential contract.
  • New home contract.
  • New residential condominium contract.
  • Farm and Ranch contract.

Things Included in a typical Texas real estate contract:

  • Name of the parties included - State which party is a buyer and which is the seller.
  • Description Of Property - A legal description of property and the improvements installed.
  • Price of sale and deposit to be made - The final proof of the sale of the property in concern and the earnest money paid.
  • Closing - The closing date of the property.
  • Expenses - The expenses which are to be paid by the seller or buyer before or at the date of closing.
  • Settlement - Settlement of accounts, if any before or at the date of closing.
  • How taxes will be divided - Who will pay for what prorations, including races and expenses
  • How disputes will be dissolved - Mechanisms for dispute resolution to be adopted in case of any defaults.
  • Option fee amount - The fee to be paid by the buyer in case he wants to revoke the agreement
  • Signature of both the parties - The signatures of both the seller and buyer agreeing to the terms and conditions

How to Complete a Real Estate Purchase Agreement in Texas

Completing a real estate purchase agreement in Texas needs great care and caution. You need to get familiarized with the various terms used in a texas real estate sales and purchase contract to prevent fraud or future legal complications.

There are numerous steps involved in concluding a real estate purchase agreement in Texas. Once you have downloaded the free form provided above, follow the step-by-step process given below for filling this form correctly:

  • Write down your offer price for the property in consideration.
  • Fill out the real estate purchase agreement in texas carefully.
  • Explain the terms and conditions in detail.
  • Enumerate the buyer contingencies, if any.
  • Determination of fixtures that the owner would take with him and thus removing from the property.
  • If there are any repairs to be made by the seller before closing, mention them.
  • Enter the final price along with the supplement, a mechanism for revocation, and a structure for option fees.
  • Mention any other custom terms or conditions by either party to be discussed.
  • Complete the agreement with the signature of both parties.
  • Execute the contract.


The information mentioned above is a brief of what a Texas purchase agreement would look like and typically include. You will need to be very careful while filling in the information in these forms and only sign when completely satisfied with all the terms and conditions.

Download the free form from here today and follow the procedure to execute it without any hassle.

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