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Selling and buying real estate property is no joke. You need to be thorough with the legal requirements while entering into a government contract to avoid any complexity in the future. If you plan to enter into a real estate purchase agreement in Indiana, you have come to the right place.

Entering into a contract throws various legal liabilities and duties on the parties involved, and such a contract is also proof of rights agreed upon by both parties.

It is always advised to sign a written contract for purchasing a real estate property. You can always refer back to the terms and conditions enlisted in this legal document in times of confusion.

What's an Indiana Real Estate Purchase Agreement?

Well, I hope you have already deciphered the basic meaning of the terms. To be clear, an Indiana real estate purchase agreement is a legal document that contains the fundamental terms and conditions of an agreement.

The seller cross-checks these conditions. When the conditions are approved and signed by both parties, they become enforceable. We mean by enforceability here is legally binding, i.e., the buyer or the seller cannot refuse the performance of an obligation provided in the purchase agreement in Indiana.

Things To Consider before filing Indiana Purchase Agreement

A purchase agreement is a little different from a purchase order and is called by other names.

Various essential aspects are to be considered before filing an Indiana real estate purchase agreement form. To avoid any possibility of falling into the trap of fraudulent terms laid by the other party while selling or purchasing property, the following things should be considered:

  • Careful reading and understanding of provisions encompassed in the real estate purchase agreement Indiana to prevent mistakes and oversights.
  • The term "goods" used in a purchase agreement necessarily deals with tangible goods and can include real estate property but doesn't take services under its ambit.
  • A "purchase agreement" and a "purchase order are not to be confused with.
  • Additionally, negotiated terms could be included in an appendix.
  • The form should only be signed by the individuals who are competent and authorized to sign it.

How to Complete an Indiana Purchase Agreement?

Completing an Indiana purchase agreement might seem like a complicated and time-consuming matter if you try to do it all at once. So, we have broken down the process for you. Follow the steps given below to complete an Indiana real estate purchase agreement:

  • Details of the parties

Enter full names of both the buyer and seller.

  • Details of the property

Here, all the essential aspects related to the property, the nature of the property, and everything else will be entered.

  • Enumeration of terms and conditions

What obligations, duties, and rights the parties have. When and with what means the performances are to be carried out will be mentioned under this.

  • Price of the property

Enter the final purchase amount, which both the parties agreed upon.

  • Contingencies

Any contingencies that are yet to be fulfilled by the buyer or seller have to be mentioned here.

  • Other custom terms and conditions

Custom conditions can be mentioned here pertaining to any warranties, enlistment of fixtures to be removed, etc. before it's transferred to the buyer.,

  • Earnest money

Specification of the amount which is to be paid as a deposit or a down payment.

  • Closing costs

All costs are payable by either party before closing the agreement, such as any loan balance, commission, and fee.

  • Signature by both the parties

Finalization of the document by signing it off by both parties. Only the individual/s authorized and competent to enter into the contract should sign the purchase agreement form.


Forget the annoyances of consulting multiple experts and drafting a purchase agreement. As CocoDoc has made your task much more manageable. Just download this free Indiana real estate purchase agreement, and follow the steps mentioned above to fill your form in minutes.

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