We can define a disclosure statement as a verbal statement or documentation that helps individuals to know valuable information. Disclosure means making secret information known to someone whereas a statement means something that tells the truth.

It plays an important role in the fields of businesses. This disclosure form document is used in loans to make the individual aware of the terms and conditions that are covered in the loan or any investment. It includes interests rates, borrowed amount, prepayment, payment methods and others.

It comes in different forms and is used in legal paperwork. The aim is to make something known about a business like an affiliated business, a real estate disclosure form or a seller's property disclosure statement, and more.

You can simply download disclosure statement forms through CocoDoc software and understand them carefully before creating one.

How Can You Prepare an Effective Disclosure Statement?

Read below to know how you can prepare an effective disclosure statement.

  • Step 1: Open Word File

  • In order to prepare an effective property disclosure form, first, you need to open the word file. The best software recommended creating effective disclosure statement forms in MS Word.

  • Step 2: Add Important Details

  • All the important details about the transaction need to be included in the seller's disclosure statement. Make sure that you do not hide problems of any kind or else it will lead to future problems.

    Check out the rules to fill up the disclosure forms to complete the step perfectly.

  • Step 3: Use Clear Statements

  • Remember to use clear statements and avoid jargon words. It will make the document (the seller disclosure form) readable for the users.

    It will help to avoid future conflicts. The easier words you use, the more straightforward you make it for the customer to understand.

  • Step 4: Attach Documents

  • Now it is time to attach the documents that are needed. Make sure that the docs you add support the disclosure statement.

    Attaching the documents will make it easier for the customers to understand the seller's property disclosure.

  • Step 5: Rectify the Documents

  • Make sure that you recheck the documents before sending/ submitting them online. It will let you avoid errors and miscommunication of different types.

    What Are the Uses of a Disclosure Statement?

    Do you know the uses of seller disclosure forms? Well, read below to know them in detail.

  • Know the products and services: It helps to know about the products and services. A seller's disclosure form tells about the consumable products and how the services will be done.
  • Disclosing the secrets - A disclosure statement helps the individual to talk about things that they do not talk about on a daily basis.
  • It helps to disclose the condition of a product or a property that is about to be sold. Check out seller disclosure forms to know how you can write one without any error.

  • States the duties of insurance policies: It is used in the insurance policies as well where it tells the duties and responsibilities of the company and the policyholder.
  • Discloses the financial condition - The disclosure statement also discloses the financial situation of businesses and organizations.
  • Complies with laws - It is used to comply with laws and acts that the government mandates. This helps the customer to be aware of the product that they will be using.
  • How Can You Write a Disclosure Statement?

    Writing a disclosure statement could be a daunting task. It can make you feel confused and irritated but it is important to write a proper one.

    You may prefer to download a sample and understand it first. Besides that, If you have been asked to write a seller disclosure form then read below.

  • Step 1 - Know Yourself

  • First, know yourself as an individual who would be submitting the disclosure statement.

  • Step 2 - Add Details

  • Mention your date of birth, address, contact details and others in it. This is the mandatory part.

  • Step 3 - Add Financial Transactions

  • Make sure that the list of financial transactions is mentioned. Try to create it in a clear format so that the customer can understand it easily. This will help to avoid future conflicts.

  • Step 4 - Add Acknowledgement Section

  • In the next step, the acknowledgement part needs to be added. This will state that the information present in the real estate disclosure statement is true and free from errors of any type.

  • Step 5 - Signature

  • Lastly, the signatures need to be added after the documentation has been agreed on.

    Keep the above points in mind to create a proper disclosure statement. It will help you to avoid errors and be professional in your work.

    It is another document that helps to record the agreement with the other party. It makes sure that the receiver is aware of everything before finalizing the deal.


You can create a disclosure statement yourself but it is better if you check out disclosure statement forms to understand how it can be done.

It will guide you to prepare a proper document avoiding errors of different types. You can prefer to download a customizable seller disclosure form and alter it as per your needs.

Disclosure Statement FAQs

Why is a Disclosure Statement Important?

A disclosure statement is important because it contains information about the sender as well as the receiver. It consists of all the information of a business statement transaction and everything that the parties need to know about.

What will Happen When a Seller Fails to Disclose?

In case a seller fails to disclose the problems then they are violating the law. He may be subjected to recover the damage as well for being fraud and deceit or breach of contract.

Can We Customize the Disclosure Statement?

Yes, the disclosure statement can be customized. Make sure that you download the correct one that has everything you are looking for.

Tap on the Edit button and bring the changes as per your needs and requirements. Once you have done the changes, now you can proceed with further digital experiences like downloading, sharing, scanning and more.

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