Massachusetts Purchase & Sale Agreement

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If you are reading this, then there are high chances that you either try to sell a property or want to buy one in Massachusetts. Generally, purchasing a property requires a lot of preparation, especially for the purchase and sale agreement in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts purchase and sale agreement form is the government contract between the parties, i.e., the buyer and the seller. Usually referred to as P&S, the arrangement brings out the terms and conditions to control residential real estate purchases in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts purchase and sale agreement are entirely about protecting the respective interests of both the clients so that it can be beneficial to both of them. So you don’t face any potential problems in the future.

What's a Purchase & Sale Agreement, Massachusetts?

As the name suggests, the Purchase & Sale Agreement in Massachusetts is enforced when a buyer and seller come into a mutual agreement of purchase and sale. It is the document that comes after the acceptance of the “Offer to Purchase”.

It is used to purchase or sell company stock, real estate property, and other such assets. Here, the receiver receiving the asset is considered the “Buyer”, whereas the person who is handing over the asset is called “Seller”.

What Is Included in a Massachusetts Purchase & Sale Agreement Form?

The Massachusetts purchase and sale agreement form includes many provisions needed to be reviewed carefully. Below are some of the provisions which are present:

Price of the property:

This is one of the essential sections which should be reviewed very carefully as the whole transaction amount during the purchase or sale of the property will be mentioned here. This part of the Massachusetts purchase and sales agreement includes:

  • Initial amount paid to book the offer.
  • The amount paid during the P&S signing.
  • The amount that needs to be paid at the closing.


This section describes what exactly is being sold to the buyer. It contains detailed information on what is being sold.&

Broker’s Fee:

This part discloses the percentage that the broker is paid for the sale and who is holding the final deposits.

The Massachusetts purchase and sales agreement should purely contain all the particulars of the deal made between both parties. That is why it becomes crucial for the buyer to inspect the home property with a professional inspector.

Suppose the buyer finds any significant defects that the seller did not disclose after the purchase. In that case, the buyer holds the right to cancel the Massachusetts purchase and sales agreement or renegotiate it.

How to Fill Real Estate Forms in Massachusetts?

Download the form here and then enter the following details:

  • Details of Parties Involved:

As two parties are involved, the seller and the buyer must identify both parties before filing this document. It will include the following information:

  • Full Name of the Purchaser
  • Full Name of the Seller
  • Legal Details of the Property:

Here the applicant will have to describe all the details of the property adequately.

  • Price Disclosure:

Disclosures about Earnest Money are made here, which the seller has to receive as security deposits from the buyer.

Then the exact purchase price after earnest money received shall be written below.

  • Finance Details

All the details regarding finance will be provided under this section.

  • List of Items

A home can include “Fixtures” or “Items” that are not covered under land costs. All such items are listed under “Items Included in Sale”.

There is another list where “Items not included in Sale” are mentioned.

  • Details About Closing Costs

All the costs paid by the seller and purchaser like real estate commission, balance on loans, and the fee of a title insurance policy are disclosed here.

  • Finalize the Agreement

Other sections are self-explanatory. Once you have filled in all the details, you can finalize the Agreement by adding a note of acceptance.&


Owning a property in this era is difficult due to so much regulation. By reading this article, you will identify the importance of purchase and sale agreements in Massachusetts. If you are looking for P&A agreement templates online, you can use CocoDoc’s free Massachusetts purchase and sale agreement form.>

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