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Transactions involving the transfer of money or property are tedious. One needs to be extremely careful, especially while executing contracts as a single, simple mistake can make you liable for something you aren't supposed to be or take away your right against your will.

If you are searching for answers about an Ohio real estate purchase contract for sale by the owner or how to fill a purchase agreement in Ohio, you come to the right place. This article deals with all these questions and provides every piece of the necessary information you might require for your business.

What Is an Ohio Real Estate Purchase & Sale Contract?

A purchase and sale contract is a legal document prepared for buying a real estate property. The mandatory document legalizes the purchase of a property and describes the rights and obligations of both the buyer and seller in clear language.

The contract also includes various legal provisions necessary to establish crystal-clear relations between both parties and protect their rights.

An Ohio real estate purchase contract for sale by the owner must be executed by the parties to legally acquire any real estate piece.

What Is Included in a Real Estate Purchase Contract in Ohio?

Legal contracts of any kind are tough to understand by an ordinary person. The presence of lengthy provisions makes the whole process tedious and time-consuming. A professional might help you out somehow, but you still need to gather the basic knowledge about the significant components of a home purchase agreement.

To lend you a helping hand, here is a brief explanation of everything included in an Ohio real estate contract.

  • Details of parties:

This section contains the official identification of the parties to the transaction.

  • Property Description:

This part deals with the kind of property and its legal description.

  • Price:

This section specifies the final price of the property, primary which is agreed upon by both parties.

  • Terms and conditions:

This part is among the most crucial ones. All the terms and conditions related to the purchase of the property are enlisted here. These clauses form the primary subject matter of the Ohio real estate contract.

  • Other provisions:

These provisions deal with all the other matters like indemnification, termination, and resolution of disputes.

How to Fill out a Real Estate Purchase Agreement in Ohio?

Filling a purchase agreement is never easy. But, we have made it easier for you through our guide to fill Ohio real estate contracts. All you have to do is download the Ohio real estate purchase agreement form here and follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the name of the seller and purchaser:

Firstly, write the name and address of the buyer and seller of the property.

  1. Describe the property:

Select the option which describes the property in consideration that contains its legal characteristics.

  1. State the fixtures other than the property:

Mention the fixtures and tangible properties attached to the real estate property and which are to be removed by the seller before the sale.

  1. Mention the earnest money:

Specify the amount of deposit to be made by the buyer and the deadline for payment.

  1. Write down the final price:

Enter the final price agreed by both parties, written clearly in both letters and numerical form.

  1. The termination and default clauses:

Put down the consequences of termination of contract and in what cases the earnest money will be transferred to the buyer.

  1. State in what manner dispute would be resolved:

Specify which instrument of dispute resolution would be utilized in case of conflict.

  1. Sign the contract and finalize it:

When both the parties have gone through the contract, checked it for inconsistencies, and agree to everything, then they should put down their signatures and finalize it.


For a person who is purchasing a real estate property for the first time, filling an Ohio Real estate purchase & sale contract is not easy. If you want to avoid the expense of hiring a real estate agent, you can read this article carefully and tap on “GET FORM” to use the free template of the Ohio real estate purchase agreement and fill it using the same process.

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